2023: Chukwuemeka Ezeife: Tinubu Unfit For Presidency

2023: Chukwuemeka Ezeife: Tinubu Unfit For Presidency

The Igbo Elders Consultative Forum has declared that Bola , the presidential candidate for the All Progressives Congress, is unsuitable to lead the nation due to his poor health.

The group claimed that the only individuals who would vote for Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos State, are those who lack knowledge or have lost their senses.

In a statement released on Tuesday night from the United States, with roughly a week before the start of the campaigns, Dr. , the of IECF and former governor of , stated these.

Adebayo Onanuga, the Tinubu Campaign Organization's spokesperson, however, claimed to The GOSPELCABLE that Ezeife was following , the Labour Party's presidential candidatelead. ,'s

He claimed that Tinubu had been healthy, fit, and most suited for Nigeria's highest office.

Ezeife was responding to a recent report that claimed that the Igbo Elders Consultative Forum, which he chairs, had been gravely divided around two weeks after he visited the vice presidential candidate of the APC, Kashim Shettima. The article was released by The GOSPELCABLE on Monday, September 12.

Although the official statement claimed that it was a courtesy visit, sources reported that it had embroiled the IECF in controversy since members who had championed the Igbo presidency and supported the Labour Party's Peter Obi remained divided as a result.

Two news conferences that had been arranged for 1 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14, and Friday, June 24, 2022 at Ezeife's home in Asokoro were abruptly cancelled without providing a reason, which exacerbated the conflict among the organization's members.

Since then, the IECF has kept a stone-still silence, which has increased rumors that politicians may have entered the organization's ranks.

A confused IECF member who asked to remain anonymous acknowledged the separation but was unsure if it was supposedly supported by the APC.

However, Ezeife claimed that the reason for his visit to Shettima was to help a businessman whose warehouse had been demolished by the government of Borno State in a statement headlined, “Why I went to Shettima.”

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He claimed that in addition to Tinubu “being too old for the post of President of Nigeria,” the former governor's Muslim-Muslim ticket had hurt his chances.

Yes, I traveled to Shettima without being invited. I was joined by a South-Easterner of Maiduguri ancestry who worked in business. Why? A well-built young man who had been screaming hysterically entered my Abuja office more than a year ago. He spoke as though he was contemplating death! He informed me that he was done and that all that was left for him to keep were the clothing on his body. He developed two more hotels on his own after taking over his father's property. The government of Borno State destroyed three hotels and a storehouse.

His further assets were also taken. He had aided the incumbent governor of Borno State in his electoral attempts (Babagana Zulum). For the campaign, he also purchased a bus. He was instructed to visit me. I made an effort to speak with the governor of Borno State, but I was unsuccessful.

“Recently, the young man ran into my office and claimed that Shettima, who gave it to the present governor, could persuade him to hear the businessman's (the businessman's) side of the story and render some justice. He assured me that if I approached Shettima and begged him, the issue would be resolved. Shettima was present that day in the city (Abuja), he continued.

We would meet him at his home in Abuja if we went, he said. His rendezvous with Shettima, in his eyes, would put an end to his anguish, misery, and life-threatening situation. The young man spoke from the bottom of his heart, so I didn't give it a second thought. I got into the car with him and we drove to the location that he knew Shettima was.

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Shettima treated me with the utmost respect and didn't keep me waiting for too long before inviting me in for a conversation. I begged Shetima to contact his successor and request that the guy receive some justice.

He paid close attention, and I was astounded by his encouraging comments, which included a promise to assist the businessman directly by himself if the Governor is not doing enough. I was overjoyed and gave him my sincere gratitude.

Shettima shook my hand to say farewell as we exited the office. I saw photographers snapping shots of us. But I was aware of my goal. I will seek out anyone who can actually assist someone who is in imminent danger of losing their life. Nothing political occurred during the visit. Shettima is not someone I see as a rival for the presidency in , in all honesty. Why?

Jagaban Tinubu, his principal, is actually not doing well. The only individuals who would vote for him to go and die in AsoRock are those who lack knowledge or who have lost their senses.

Additionally, Tinubu is too elderly to serve as president of Nigeria. At my house, a fairly representative group of young people from the North made the announcement that no one older than 65 should run for president of Nigeria.

“Brain power deficit, particularly memory loss, is the biggest issue facing the elderly. This is what I told Yoruba youths who suggested I run for president of Nigeria. Should everything have gone according to plan for the Tinubu ticket, its Muslim-Muslim nature eliminates it from contention.

“I appeal to Nigerians of every ethnic group and religious belief to submit to the will of the Almighty God, who appears to have replaced our conscienceless politicians and is working to bring about a new Nigeria, rescue Nigeria, and revive her destiny – the country to which He poured an abundance of His blessings, making her the extremely gifted Country on Earth.

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Yes, according to Ecclesiastes, everything has its proper time and season. This looks to be the right moment and season for the manifestation of the new Nigeria, which must grow into a global superpower while improving the leadership of the world and elevating the respect and dignity of all black people worldwide. In Nigeria, man's desires and plans are subordinated to God's, which causes a chaos.

Anybody who disputes Tinubu's excellent health was challenged by Onanuga to provide evidence.

We have stated numerous times that Asiwaj Tinubu is healthy, fit, and most suited for Nigeria's highest office. Let anyone who has a conflicting claim support it. Enough with the defamatory remarks from quack physicians who make claims that they lack the authority to make.

“Like Peter Obi, the Labour Party candidate who made an unfounded assertion about Tinubu's health two weeks ago despite not being a doctor, Ezeife has merely blatantly repeated his candidate's allegation.

Unless he is suddenly asserting that he is a quack, we know Ezeife to be an economist and not a doctor. He is well-known for being Peter Obi's ardent admirer. We don't blame him for his political beliefs either.

It is regrettable that the 83-year-old attempted to support his candidate while disqualifying Tinubu and Abubakar on the basis of age by disguising himself as a member of a supposedly younger group. Only those under 65 should run Nigeria, according to his twisted thinking. We find it surprising that the octogenarian is making the assertion considering that Joe Biden, the president of the second-largest democracy in the world, is almost 80 years old.

“Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia retired as prime minister two years ago at the age of 95. He retired because his tenure in office was up rather than due to a lack of brainpower.


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