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Barcelona’s expenditure budget at LaLiga reduced by €66 million

On Tuesday, LaLiga announced a further €66 million reduction to Barcelona’s yearly expenditure limit.

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The amount dropped from €270 million to €204 million.

The biggest transfer fee in Spain’s premier division is €727 million, which is held by Real Madrid.

With a cap of €303 million, Atlético Madrid is also richer than Barcelona.

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The latest limitations, on top of the €400 million cut in September, show how big of a hurdle Barça has to climb to get back into the transfer market.

More than double the limit set by LaLiga, squad costs—the thing that the cap controls—are over €400 million, according to ESPN.

This has led to financial constraints for Barca.

They can only spend a certain amount of their salary or transfer fee savings; the exact percentage varies with the size of the savings.

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