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Ngannou mocks Anthony Joshua before their bout, saying, “You’re not as tough as Fury”

Francis Ngannou, a former UFC champion, has asserted that Anthony Joshua, like Tyson Fury, will not be able to get back up after being knocked down.

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On Friday, March 8, Ngannou is scheduled to face Joshua in a bout.

This will be Ngannou’s second fight in the professional ring.

Even yet, in his first fight against Fury, he came dangerously close to recording one of the greatest heavyweight upsets of all time.

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His third-round knockout of Tyson Fury in October stunned the world. However, the fight ended in a split decision loss for him.

Yeah, I’m not entirely certain of that. Tyson proved to be quite tough. Astounding as it may seem, I witnessed him recover from knockdowns with ease.

Not to belittle AJ, but I find him to be one of the most resistant people I’ve ever met.

According to Ngannou, Joshua wouldn’t be able to handle what Tyson dealt to Fury, as he stated on DAZN.

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