‘Thanks For Your Fatherly Role,’ Prankster Trinity Guy Says After Police PROs Demand His Arrest

Trinity Guy, a popular comedian, has broken his silence following a plea for his arrest by spokesperson Muyiwa Adejobi.
Adejobi reportedly ordered that the prankster be detained after one of his prank videos piqued his interest.

Trinity Guy responded to the news on his Instagram page, thanking the Nigeria Police, his followers, and coworkers for their concern for his work.

The creator of the sketch specifically thanked Adejobi, whom he referred to as his father, for pointing out places in his content where he needed to improve.

“Good day to you guys My name is Abdulahi popularly known as Trinityguy I would like to use this opportunity to appreciate everyone who has been calling and showing concerns about the misconceptions about my works and my person,” he wrote as a caption to the video.

“I'd also like to thank my fans all over the world, my colleagues, and the Nigerian police, especially @adejobimuyiwa.” Mr. ADEJOBI OLUMUYIWA, for his fatherly roles in drawing my attention to the areas that needed to be worked on and improved. Your efforts to protect the country are very motivating and appreciated. May the Most High God bless everyone!”

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