2023: According to Jonathan, Nigeria must have a president

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Before the country's next elections in , ex-President Goodluck urged politicians and their parties to refrain from using violence, saying that Nigeria must exist before having the next President.

He said this on Tuesday in Abuja at the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation's 2022 Peace Conference.

Former Nigerian president called on candidates for elective office to protect Africa's most populous nation from being destroyed.

He said that candidates for president, governors, and legislators all had a duty to protect the country's democracy.

“Before you talk about having a President or a governor, we need to establish a state. Where do we need a President if you wreck the nation? said he.

“Anyone interested in holding positions of leadership, such as those of president, governor, senator, etc., has a particularly large stake in maintaining the safety of the country.

“Those who aspire to be President, governors, and their followers should first understand that before anybody you are supporting may rise (into leadership position),” he suggested.

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