2023 polls: Tinubu says he wouldn’t support Atiku or Peter Obi if he weren’t running for president

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Asiwaju Bola , the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), has declared that if he weren't running in the general elections in , he wouldn't support any of his rivals.

Soon after his presentation at the Chatham House in London, England, on Monday, Tinubu made this claim in an interview with BBC News.

If he weren't on the ballot, the APC candidate claimed he would support Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party () and of the Labour Party (LP).

None, he remarked, because they lack the same level of expertise as everyone else. Except for myself, none of them are qualified and they lack any experience.

Tinubu added that individuals who criticized his wealth's source were motivated by envy.

He claims that his real estate assets are the source of his fortune.

I am not denying my money, he declared. For eight years, I served as the opposition's most probed and most accused governor. Since leaving office, I have not accepted any employment or contracts.

He continued, “I don't share any resources from Lagos with the state government.

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