A man suffering from epilepsy turns violent and beheads his baby brother.

The in Adamawa state have arrested a 24-year-old man named Amos Christopher for allegedly murdering his younger sibling.

The suspect, who is claimed to be suffering from epilepsy, allegedly kidnapped their last child, 4-year-old Thyson Christopher, and then beheaded him on Monday, June 19.

According to authorities, the suspect, the firstborn son of his family, had a seizure and slumped on June 18 and was brought home by his neighbors. His health apparently deteriorated the following morning, when he brutally attacked his mother and younger brothers who were at home with him.

He allegedly took the four-year-old boy and pulled him into a room, locking the door and beating him to death. His mother's efforts to save the infant were futile. In his rage, he allegedly brought the dead body outside, where he used the hoe in his possession to cut off the head and split it in half.

Suleiman Yahaya Nguroje, the suspect who rarely talks, told the command SP that he did not do anything and that his younger brother is at home while being probed.

Responding to queries from the Spokesman, Christopher Haruna, the father of both the suspect and the victim, stated that the incident occurred when he was at the farm and verified that Amos suffers from epilepsy.

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