As the presidential campaign gets underway, the NNPP makes a pledge to refrain from violence

The New Nigeria People’s Party, , has warned Nigerians to expect nonviolent electioneering from them as political parties throughout the country begin their campaigns.

Dr. Umar Hudu Doguwa, the NNPP’s state chairman, asserts that because his party would win the upcoming elections, it will uphold the law.

Speaking to journalists, Umar asserted that the NNPP intends to rule Nigeria as a whole, as evidenced by Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso’s skill and popularity.

“Today in Nigeria, one need not be reminded that the country is in a crisis condition; insecurities, economic difficulties, and social instability are all things that everyone has experienced.”

According to him, the is the only party with eight PhDs in the executive because their Party is prepared for issue-based campaigns.

Umar Doguwa urged the Nigerian media to cover political party activities in a just and fair manner while holding accountable.

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