Ask for higher pay and look for other sources of income, as HoS Folashade Yemi-Esan advised civil servants

Federal employees have received advice from Dr. Folashade Yemi-Esan, head of the federation's civil service, on how to command higher salaries.

At a program on Wednesday, the head of the federal civil service in Yola, the capital of Adamawa State, made this statement and encouraged employees to pursue additional sources of income.

Dr. Yemi-Esan urged civil servants to be active in advocating for their welfare, including higher salaries, during the official opening ceremony of a clubhouse for the civil service that bears her name.

She told the public servants in attendance at the ceremony on Wednesday in Yola's Jimeta district that nothing should prevent them from expressing their needs through their respective unions.

Dr. Yemi-Esan acknowledged that she had been advocating for better pay in the civil service, but she needed the support of those who were actually affected by the pay structure, about which many people keep quiet.

She assured them that they wouldn't be victimized for choosing to pursue proper welfare concerns by saying, “You can go to the radio and talk, or you can go to NTA and make your views known.

Although she wouldn't say that higher pay is irrelevant, she said that civil servants could increase their base pay by working in flexible private businesses like farming.

Nowhere in the world can a person live comfortably off of just one source of income, according to her.

A Federal Civil Service Strategy and Implementation Plan 2021–2025 (FCSSIP25) has been developed by the Federal Civil Service's head office to replace the previous FCSSIP 2017–2020, who was attending the 44th National Council on Establishments (NCE) meeting in Yola.

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In line with the new strategy, she said, her office would continue to invest time, resources, and efforts in accelerating staff training and retraining, leadership management, succession planning, and institutionalizing a performance management system, among other benefits, to improve payroll.

She reiterated that the Federal is concentrating on modernizing the civil service to become a top-tier organization.

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