Attack By Gunmen Injures Three Policemen In Abia (Read Details)

Attack By Gunmen Injures Three Policemen In Abia (Read Details)

Three members of the Criminal Investigation Department (SCID)-affiliated Abia State Command are fighting for their life after being attacked by gunmen.

The shooting occurred on September 21 at around 7:30 p.m. as police officers were conducting a stop-and-search operation in front of the SCID office in Umuagu, Ugwunchara, Umuahia North local government area.

While one of the on-duty police officers was gravely wounded by a machete, his other coworkers were shot.

The hurt officers were taken by ambulance to an unnamed hospital, where they were receiving medical care.

Additionally, it was discovered that the SCID's armory had been raided, though it's yet unclear if any weapons were taken. However, the gunmen wearing muftis carried away the 's weapons.

What surprises us is that the individuals attacked the officers and fled the scene in the blink of an eye, a resident told the publication.

“I think the police officers never anticipated such a situation. But one wonders how police officers who were conducting a stop and search could have missed the lads and engaged them if they had been vigilant enough.

“We were unsure of whether the gunmen approached them from the front or the back, but I can promise you that they may have taken their time to watch those police officers. The alleged gunmen are professionals, if not a bunch of security officers who were fired.

“Can a person who has never fired a pistol imagine how to disarm a skilled police officer who is carrying a weapon?

“I recommend that the police command thoroughly question officers to weed out insider collusion.”

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Geoffrey Ogbonna, a spokesman for the Abia Police, verified the event. He stated:

“The men conducting a stop and search in front of the State CID were attacked.”

Two victims. The culprits' names are being pieced together in an effort to apprehend them.


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