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Buhari ruined Nigeria and gave Tinubu a failing economy – Sunday Igboho

Igboho, a Yoruba Nation agitator, and Sunday Adeyemo both claimed on Friday that the Nigerian economy was destroyed by former President Muhammadu Buhari.

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An economic mess was passed from Buhari to Bola Tinubu, according to Igboho.

In a speech to his supporters in Oyo State, the liberation fighter denied that Tinubu was to blame for Nigeria’s current economic crisis.

In his Yoruba speech, Igboho called on the Yoruba people to rise up as one and free the Southwest from the control of the Fulani herdsmen.

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The reason he feels bad for the Yoruba people is that he was yelling for them to band together and end their oppression when Buhari was president, but Tinubu didn’t bring down the government. Buhari isn’t going to help us in any way.

Because Nigeria as a whole is ineffective, I advocated splitting up with the Fulani, but they would have none of it. Now that he had wrecked the government, Buhari gave it to Tinubu.

Have you seen the Igbo people weeping? Some Yorubas are now yelling out that they’re hungry. They have driven the Fulani people off their land and are now farming and developing it according to their own desires.

“Our ancestors should be able to go back to the farms, so why can’t the Yorubas band together and free the Southwest from the Fulanis?”

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