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Building collapses are caused by poor building materials, developers, and clients, according to an expert

Lekan Ogunrinde, a specialist in building construction, claims that the usage of subpar materials by clients is the main cause of building failures all throughout the nation.

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This admission was made by Ogunrinde, an estate surveyor and valuer, to DAILY POST on Thursday over the phone.

In the recent past, the increase in building collapses in the nation has alarmed well-meaning Nigerians, prompting many to call for strict actions against dubious developers.

According to DAILY POST, there have been no less than four building collapses in Ibadan alone this year.

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Families have also lost loved ones, and lives have been lost, livelihoods wrecked, and fatal injuries endured. In his response, Ogunrinde explained the sad pattern and blamed it on a variety of factors, including the property’s owners, the construction crew, and the use of subpar materials.

According to Ogunrinde, customers occasionally take short cuts and buy workers’ subpar supplies, which ultimately lowers the caliber of the work produced.

As one of the industry’s leading specialists in the construction of buildings, he declared, “Building collapses have become more common in recent years.

“I will explain that there are a variety of causes behind this. You only need to consult experts before starting any project. We have land surveyors, quantity surveyors, estate surveyors, and more.

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It can be due to the materials and the customer, or it might be the fault of the specialists and the client.

“The client may choose to purchase inferior materials, leaving the professional managing the project with no choice but to employ them. Later effects on the project could result from this.

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