By selecting Funke as his running mate, Jandor violated their agreement, claims Bode George

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, the leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (), alleges that Olajide Adediran, the party's nominee for governor of Lagos, violated a contract on the selection of a running partner.

Adediran, popularly known as Jandor, was alleged to have violated the terms of the agreement by selecting Funke Akindele as his running companion rather than Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour on News Central, according to George.

He claimed that because Adediran chose the actress Akindele to be his running mate, Rhodes-Vivour was forced to join the Labour Party and compete as its candidate for governor of Lagos.

“These two (Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour and Adediran) were the best two we had after their presentation here in my office, so we asked him (Adediran) specifically here, would you work with this man as your deputy, and he responded, ‘absolutely sir,'” he said.

“Haven't paid for the fee of the form, would you take him to be your running partner, for us to have a flawless primary?” He responded “absolutely sir.”

“Subsequently, he returned to me and said that his mentor, Denrele Ogunsayan, had requested him to select a female deputy from Ikorodu. I asked him why he hadn't told me earlier. I'm stating this for historical purposes since it actually happened. I've heard rumors to the effect that I'm supporting Gbadebo.

“He (Adediran) broke the contract. I had to phone Gbadebo's father to warn him that the situation was becoming a little too risky. We leaders did everything possible to make sure the primary went off without a hitch.

The governor of Rivers, Nyesom , is a great asset to the PDP, according to George, who also noted that Wike invested time and money in the party after it was defeated by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2019.

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Wike is a benefit to the party, he declared. There was a void, Atiku returned and obtained the ticket the previous time, and immediately following that convention, he departed the nation for a year or more. Who was the party's main supporter?

“We were once again at odds. How can he not be a benefit to the party when he spent his time and money making sure, along with some other governors?

“Would you be an asset or not if you put in the time, money, and wisdom to make sure the party didn't end?”

He added that failure to do this will continue to generate “unnecessary divisiveness” and that the party's constitution permits zoning and rotation of election and party offices.

“I have been asking with all parties not to allow us to split this party into the northern and southern Peoples Democratic Parties. The intentions of the founding fathers would be lost if we do that, he warned.

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