Clergy members slay woman in seven days to earn N200 million

The Ogun State Command busted a gang of seven people who sold human parts for religious ceremonies.

Officials from the state's police department made the announcement on Thursday, stating that the suspects' possessions included a human heart and two kegs containing human remains.

Moses Abidemi, Oluwo Monday, Jamiu Yusuf, Sheriff Agbai, Osojieahen Alioneitoura, and Prophet Peter Akiwunmi Ifatosin were among the men that were arrested.

According to Olamutu, on January 9, a woman named Sulaiimon Adijat was reported missing after accepting a date invitation from a man named Adebayo Azeez. The Divisional Police Office in Onipanu was notified of the case.

She has been reported missing on the same day, and despite desperate attempts to find her, her cell phone has been turned off.

According to the CP, a technical-based inquiry was launched after the command's Anti-Kidnapping Unit was formed to solve the riddle of her abduction.

According to the head of the police force, the inquiry determined that the individuals in question were participating in a monetary rite called “Oshole” with the intention of generating N200 million in the span of seven days.

Oluwo Monday handed over N800,000 to Agbai and Alioneitouria for the preparation of the ceremony supplies.

In order to carry out his illegal plan, “Oluwo Monday” later reached out to a man named Peter, who had experience dealing with human parts, in order to find a woman between the ages of 18 and 20, he disclosed.

In his account, Peter was to bring the severed limbs of the woman—her head, two breasts, vagina, and two wrists—to be used in the ceremony.

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Nevertheless, Sheriff and Osojieahen returned to their place in Edo State on January 10 after collecting the ceremonial money from Oluwo.

When the ceremonial ingredient did not produce the anticipated amount of in seven days, Osojieahen vehemently complained as commanded by Oluwo, and that is when the trouble began.

“Female handbags, two cement sacks containing human bones were recovered during a search conducted in the shrine of Moses on Feb. 3 and 10,” he announced.

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