Coalition calls the altercation between the sitting Clerks abhorrent and condemns it

A coalition of civil society organizations for justice and equity (CCSO-JE) on Friday denounced the quarrel between two current Clerks of the National Assembly (CNA) and threatened legal action if it wasn’t resolved right away.

Olayemi Success, the Coalition’s Convener, criticized the Clerks during a news conference, asserting that the law and administrative procedures for choosing Clerks for the National Assembly were unambiguous.

The group asserted that the problem was the work of cabals within the National Assembly that would do everything to maintain their position of power, flanked by the National Secretary, Dahiru Mustapha.

They expressed concern that the National Assembly, which serves as a symbol of democracy, might be disparaged by those who are inebriated with power, and they added that the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC), which serves as the administrative arm of the National Assembly, appointed a substantive Clerk to the National Assembly in accordance with the law.

The group’s stance was in light of Mr. Sani Magaji Tambuwal’s appointment following the resignation of Arch. Amos Olatunde Ojo.

Ojo has been on terminal leave up until February 14, when he will formally retire from government service after 35 years of service.

We all may remember that not too long ago, specifically on November 18, 2022, the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC) exercised its authority derived from Section 6(b) of its Act by announcing new appointments into the highest cadre of the National Assembly’s bureaucracy.

Sani Magaji Tambuwal’s appointment as the National Assembly’s acting clerk and the filling of other open top management positions were the main effects of the aforementioned.

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“What prompted the press conference today is the ugly fact that a few desperate and ambitious top management staff of the National Assembly, with the active support of a retired Clerk to the National Assembly, who had wished to be favored by the recent decision taken by the Ahmed Kadi Amshi led National Assembly Service Commission (NASC), have gone to town with manufactured tales, specifically tailored to rubbish the image, integrity, and names of members of the Nation, have prompted the press conference today,” said the retired clerk.

The Coalition stated that they were out to speak and provide the proper perspective because they believed that the public was being misled and that the development may cause chaos.

The National Assembly’s bureaucracy is being held hostage by the group allegedly responsible for the existence of two sitting clerks. They have created a never-ending cycle of chaos, confusion, and mischief while also using their privileged membership on the National Assembly’s management team as a ruthless weapon in an attrition battle for the title of “Clerk” to the National Assembly.

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