Daniel Bwala: Wike Is Playing God, But PDP Will Live On If He Leaves

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, a spokesman for Atiku Abubakar's presidential campaign, has said that Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, is acting like God in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The PDP has been fighting among itself, and Wike and his allies have asked the national chairman of the party, Iyorchia Ayu, to step down.

Wike told the media that Ayu got N1 billion from one of the party's candidates for president. This gave the party's crisis a new turn.

In response to what Wike said, Bwala said in an interview on GOSPELCABLE on Friday that the Rivers governor usually calls people who don't agree with him “betrayers.”

The lawyer, who had just joined the PDP, said that Wike was trying to stop the south-east from getting the party's presidential ticket because he wanted to run for president.

“In the past, when he said his own brothers betrayed him, he talked about people like all of the governors of the south-south,” he said.

“Before that, he had also said that some of the governors in the south-east had betrayed him.

“In the past, he had said that David Umahi and Ben Ayade had betrayed him when they left the party to join APC. As long as he doesn't get his way, it seems like everyone around him has betrayed him.

“If I take you down memory lane, you'll agree with me that at least three or four of the past chairmen were brought by him, and when he didn't like them, he made them leave. So, why does it seem like everyone in life is against you?

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“Everyone is welcome at a political party. He is a Christian, so let me tell you something about life. I will probably be able to quote the Bible. If not, I will think about how sensitive it is.

“The Bible says that God gives power to whoever he wants. It's good to be rich and to help other people, but God doesn't want you to start taking His place.

“How do you put yourself in God's place? When nothing moves unless you do, or unless you tell it to? I'll show you what I mean. He talks a lot about equity, fairness, and justice, which has become a cliche and the most recognizable thing about his campaign.

“In his state, both the party leader and the person running for governor come from the same senatorial district. What happened to the person in his state who chose to fill out a form to run for senate even though he had not given permission? He was kept in jail.

“Every important time the party made a decision, at least in the last few times we know about, it was because they thought Wike should get his way. So, I said, “It's not good to act like God.”

Bwala also said that the PDP will still be around if Wike leaves.

“From what I can tell, it's just Wike. The person holding the flag has never said anything and has told people not to insult him. Ayu and Atiku were two of the first people to join the party. “They had to come back even though they had left,” he said.

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“Let me explain why you can't act like God. When Atiku left the party, it kept going. When Ayu left, it kept going. If Wike leaves, the party will keep going.

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