Due to the contractor’s alleged incompetence, Soludo cancels the road contract in Anambra

A road contract in the Aguata Local Government Area has been terminated by the governor of State, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, due to the contractor's alleged incompetence and delivery delays.

A video of the governor's visit to the site has been making the rounds online, despite the fact that the name of the company handling the contract was not disclosed.

In the video, Soludo, who paid an impromptu visit to the road construction site on Sunday, disparaged the company as useless and unable to complete the task.

At the project site, the governor told the project manager, “Just take off all this stuff (equipment), because this contract is over. I've just called the works commissioner to inform him that the agreement has been canceled.

Check out what you're doing. You must return the money you were paid as a result of my termination of the agreement. boring company! Despite the fact that you are an indigenous company, we awarded you this contract based on your qualifications. What we observe is this. Nobody can pass because you blocked the entire highway. How do I get to my hometown now that I'm going there? This road is a federal one.

“You blocked the road for months, making it impossible for people to use the other highway.

“This job was supposed to have been finished in October, and that was the contract you were given. Other companies that were given the same contracts like you have all delivered.”

The governor refused to heed any plea from the obviously concerned project manager, as he rejected explanations that the road had peculiarities that made it difficult to deliver at the appropriate time.

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“There are other very difficult terrains, and the contractors have delivered. I have terminated the contract and there is nothing you can tell me about it. Take off all your equipment from this place and move out because another person is coming to take over the job. If you continue, it is at your own risk because we are not paying you a dime, instead, we are asking for a refund.”

Sources said the contract terminated, is a federal highway, leading from Soludo's community to Ekwulobia town, both in Aguata Local Government Area.


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