El-Rufai government: Kaduna-Abuja road will no longer be congested

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The route, which has been plagued by various types of gridlock for the past few days, is now open to traffic, according to the Kaduna State Government on Saturday.

The Kaduna-Abuja route has been congested for a few days, according to GSOPELCABLE, causing some vehicles to travel for hours or even days before arriving at their destinations.

A heavy duty vehicle broke down at Kilometer 75 of the highway, causing a blockage, but Samuel Aruwan, Commissioner of the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, expressed satisfaction that there is now free flow of traffic at the location, which was the epicenter of the gridlock, in a statement on Saturday.

He claimed that the gridlock at the Kateri axis of the Kaduna-Abuja Road has been addressed following days of laborious collaboration with the Kaduna State Government, Julius Berger Nigeria PLC, the military, and other pertinent agencies.

He apologized on behalf of the state government for the lengthy situation that had left inhabitants in an unfavorable state of extreme suffering for several days.

He claims that the government is extremely appreciative to the security organizations that worked nonstop to guarantee the ongoing security and safety of stranded citizens.

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