Elon Musk claims their dispute has been settled with Apple

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Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, and , the new owner of Twitter, allegedly had a “misunderstanding” about the prospect of deleting the social network app from the app store. However, Musk said that the two had resolved it.

Musk had forewarned that on Monday, November 28, Apple would halt the majority of its Twitter advertising. He further said that the company had threatened to take the social media website out of its Apple Store.

The South African-born businessman, who gave an update on the situation in the early hours of today, December 1, claimed he talked with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

He complimented the tech magnate on the “beautiful HQ” and said they had a “nice talk” when he was there.

Moreover, Musk tweeted:

Cook never publicly responded to Musk's earlier complaints, and it's not clear if Apple has started to stop running ads on the app.

The Washington Post reported that Apple spent $48 million, or more than 4% of Twitter's total quarterly income, making it the company that spent the most on advertising during the first quarter.

The in-app payments system used by Apple, which charges a 30 percent fee on all in-app transactions, has also drawn criticism from other industry executives. The corporation reportedly stated that the charges are “used to protect consumers in areas such as fraud and privacy.”

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