Fear as attorney discloses Kanu’s health status while in DSS custody

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According to his lawyer and human rights campaigner Ifeanyi Ejiofor, 's health has gotten worse since he was given a gastrointestinal disease diagnosis after experiencing continuous heartburn.

He claims that the Department of State Services has been acting contrary to the directive of Justice Binta Nyako of a Federal High Court in Abuja that the leader should receive serious medical attention.

Kanu has been held in DSS custody for nearly 14 months, and he is currently being tried in court on suspicion of treason.

After visiting Kanu when he was being held by the DSS in Abuja, Ejiofor, according to GOSPELCABLE report, raised the alarm in a statement.

The DSS is a creation of the law, and it must not be considered to be functioning above the laws of the country which formed it, he said, while also stressing that court decisions must be obeyed, particularly when the order has not been set aside.

He remarked, “As a result of continuous heartburn, Onyendu is currently having gastrointestinal issue, which necessitates constant intake of antacid and other other medical solutions. Unfortunately, the DSS has refused to provide him even the smallest amount of the prescription painkillers that would offer momentary solace.

Following this event, Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN), our learned lead counsel, sprang into action right away to ensure a swift halt to this mistreatment and impunity. However, we still believe it is necessary to warn everyone that the DSS and the Federal of Nigeria should be held accountable if anything untoward happens to Onyendu.

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The review of additional litigations brought against the Federal Republic of Nigeria for gravely violating international laws and treaties in the criminal kidnapping and extraordinary rendition of Onyendu, as well as for sanctions and reparations resulting from this act of state , was the highlight of the visit.

“During the visit, we also had the chance to assess Onyendu's general well-being and the extent to which the DSS was adhering to the court order that was in place regarding the management of Onyendu's health condition.

“For the record, it is important to reiterate that the lawless DSS has repeatedly treated the existing court order, which specifically directed that Onyendu should be given access to his personal physician for an independent review/investigation of his current health status, with the utmost contempt and disdain. This comes after his potassium level continued to decline.

Unfortunately, the DSS flagrantly violates this court order with impunity, as shown by its refusal to allow Onyendu's personal doctor to visit him in the DSS facility where he is now being held. I've had enough of this apparent impunity!

Kanu also expressed his love and gratitude to all of his followers for holding the fort firmly and resolutely.

Even in the face of numerous provocations, Ejiofor praised them for their remarkable civility and urged them to keep it up while firmly believing that God's grace “is guiding us towards overwhelming victory, which is no longer far-fetched.”

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