For journalists, a health expert suggests regular sex and exercise

Journalists in Ekiti State have been urged to always practice regular exercise, regular sex, drink plenty of water, and abstain from alcohol in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

On December 7, 2022, at the Union's secretariat in Ado, Ekiti, Dr. Opeyemi Abioye of the Federal Medical Center Ido delivered the message during a “ Talk” hosted by NUJ as part of events planned to commemorate 2022 Press Week.

Dr. Abioye advised journalists to stop drinking alcohol because it is harmful to the body. He continued by saying that drinking alcohol does not benefit the body in any way; rather, it makes people more likely to have high blood pressure and harms their organs.

The doctor went on to say that having sex three to four times a week is healthy for the body because it helps the heart control blood pressure and releases endorphins, which are vital for survival.

However, the doctor, who claimed to be aware of the monumental task that journalists face, advised them to socialize and to take good care of their health.

Dr. Abioye emphasized that a healthy lifestyle includes plenty of water consumption, a balanced diet that includes fruits, and regular physical activity.

In addition to administering blood pressure and sugar tests, the health team gave journalists medical advice.

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