I Don’t Think Removing Fuel Subsidies Will Affect The Masses. Former NPA MD


Hadiza Bala Usman, a former managing director of the Nigeria Port Authority (), has stated that it is beneficial for Nigerians if fuel subsidies are eliminated.
Recall that on May 29, , during his inaugural address, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu made the statement.

Usman she said that the withdrawal of the fuel subsidy is not a hardship on the Nigerian people in an interview with Arise TV on Saturday.

The Federal Government cannot be supporting the price of gasoline for other nations, Usman further noted.

I don't think that the reduction of subsidies is'suffering' the people, he said. It reflects Nigeria's present-day realities.

Nigerians should be aware that the idea that the government is subsidizing them is false; instead, the government was providing subsidies to other nations.

Usman responded to President Tinubu's announcement of the student loan program by saying: “People may argue that the student loan program isn't primarily intended to help the poor, but it does aim to benefit Nigerians in some way. Although it may not be directed towards the poor particularly, it does provide opportunity for a sizable portion of Nigerians.

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