If Ayu’s resignation will end the PDP crisis, he should leave, says the party chieftain

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Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, a previous PDP candidate for president, has pleaded with Dr. Iyorchia , the party's national chairman, to save the party by resigning if doing so will end the current conflict.

Anakwenze made the request in a statement released in Abuja and signed by Comrade Eric Oluwole, Director General of his Campaign Organization.

He pleaded with the PDP chairman to resign in order to prevent the party from fracturing and losing in .

He expressed his steadfast belief that Ayu, a remarkable senior statesman of no small stature, would not consider any sacrifice—which would effectively turn him into a national hero—to be too enormous to make for the ultimate good of the PDP and Nigeria, which urgently required a rescue effort.

Additionally, he showed me love and gave me leadership advice when I visited him and other NWC members during my campaign phase, and I hold him in such high respect.

Ayu, who is renowned for his patriotic fervor in the nation's political circles, won't want the mansion he helped build to fall apart before his very eyes just a few days before the PDP wins the presidency with a resounding victory on February 25, 2023.

However, he feels that the Ndigbo of the South East in the PDP should be more resentful than Wike and any other political block in the southern area, which he claimed had not been fair to the South East.

“At this moment, it is believed that Ndigbo in the PDP are more resentful than Wike. Zoning is what we were pleading for back then within the party. That's why I ran against my brothers Sam Obuabunwa, Pius Anyim, Peter Obi, and two others in the election.

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Wike is not to blame. He has every right to struggle for justice and balance for both the North and the South. Recall that Obi abandoned the PDP for the Labour Party out of dissatisfaction, believing that Ndigbo couldn't win the presidency on the PDP's platform given the current circumstances. But due to my passion in the party, I have decided to continue being a member.

Therefore, if Southern PDP Stakeholders are demanding for Ayu to resign as a solution to the party crisis, I believe I must urge to him as a party leader who has a good record to do so for the sake of the overall interest and future of the party; and I know that he will be a hero if he does so.

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