IGP: Amotekun, Ebube Agu Won’t Participate in the 2023 Elections

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Usman Baba Alkali, the Inspector-General of Police, has declared that state governments’ establishments of quasi-security organizations are not authorized by law to operate during the elections in 2023.

On Thursday, Baba made this statement during a gathering of strategic police managers, which included officials with the level of commissioner and higher.

The police chief added that it is not anticipated that the quasi-security units would be used in election campaigns or other electoral procedures.

The officers were admonished by Baba to make sure that their choices and actions adhered to the requirements of the Nigeria Police Act 2020, the 1999 constitution, and the Electoral Act 2022.

In their interactions with political parties throughout the election season, he urged the officers to be impartial toward all of them.

The inspector general of police was quoted by NAN as saying, “We are also expected to have a professional orientation that emphasizes democratic values and respect for human rights and dignity.

The legitimacy of the general election in 2023 will be determined by how closely we adhere to ethical and legal requirements as key participants in the electoral process.

It will also be evaluated based on our choices and deeds as we work with political parties to install the necessary machinery to ensure a peaceful electioneering campaign.

“We must ensure that every person understands our dedication to maintaining the nation’s peace and security as well as our determination to advance the nation’s democratic and security goals,

“The Electoral Act 2022 has no legal duties for any quasi-security organizations that were founded by the various state governments and local communities and that operate under varied nomenclatures, structures, and orientations.”

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