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In Anambra, a mother abandons a month-old baby boy

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In Anambra State, a mom who has not yet been named allegedly left her one-month-old infant son in a bus.

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On Tuesday, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) made this information public, stating that the infant had been abandoned since September 6 and was now in their care.

The corps asked the public to help find the mother of the infant by sharing a photo of the baby with journalists.

According to a statement from Edwin Okadigbo, the NSCDC’s Anambra State Public Relations Officer:

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“We ask for the public’s help in identifying the family members, parents, or mother of a baby boy who was found by members of the corps after being left in a bus, apparently by his mother, and is thought to be around a month old.

The mother, who she boarded the bus with, alighted at a bus stop to ease herself along Ziks Avenue by Amawbia Correctional Service Awka, and gave the baby to a staff member of the corps at around 9:00 a.m. on September 6, 2022.

Anyone who is aware of a mother, a couple who just had a baby but are now unexpectedly without it, or who knows someone who is related to the child, is requested to get in touch with the Intelligence and Investigation Department.

Okadigbo claimed that after the mother abandoned the child, the bus waited for three hours and looked for the mother before realizing the mistake was intentional.

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“The infant has received the appropriate medical care and has been kept in a safe location while efforts are made to identify his unknown parents and other family members. An investigation has been launched into a situation involving an abandoned child.

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