In Katsina, gunmen raid a mosque, murder worshippers, and kidnap many locals

On Wednesday night and Thursday early, masked gunmen terrorized Katsina State by targeting a mosque and houses, resulting in multiple deaths and kidnappings.

At Yargoje village in Kankara Local Government Area, the worst tragedy happened during the Ishai prayer.

As far as DAILY POST can tell, the assailants barged inside the mosque and began firing shots at the people within.

“They just walked in and started shooting,” recalled a witness who narrowly avoided the incident.

Two individuals were murdered instantly, and a third was wounded while attempting to flee. There was mayhem.

Three people were killed and four others were injured in the attack. At a Kankara hospital, the wounded are getting medical attention. A male and two ladies were also kidnapped from the village by the gunman.

“They grabbed the two women and left us wondering where they are,” the source said, lamenting that “they overpowered the man who tried to fight back and killed him.”

On Thursday morning at around 2:30 in the morning, assailants entered the house of vigilante Sani Maikifi in Ungwar Tudun Boka, Kankara.

Fortunately, Maikifi was able to get out of there via the backyard, but his family didn't fare so well.

According to an eyewitness, the assailants had been following Maikifi for a while.

According to our insider, “They've been after him for a while now.”

They went in search of him, but he escaped. Consequently, his son and wife were abducted instead,” he disclosed.

On Wednesday at approximately 11:30 p.m., armed men further escalated the panic by invading the community of Dangani in Musawa LGA.

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Prior to kidnapping an undetermined number of residents, they unleashed a barrage of bullets, generating widespread terror.

The assailant arrived in scattered firing, according to witnesses.

A wealthy southerner who was visiting a grieving relative was supposedly the target of their pursuit. “They brought a lot of people along with them,” he said.

Officials have not commented on the attacks just yet.

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