It May Appear Difficult; Even Rough, but Tinubu Assures Nigerians That Things Will Get Better in the Future

In spite of the challenges that are now being faced, President Bola has given the Nigerian people the assurance that better times are on the horizon.

Tinubu made this statement on Friday, October 20, while receiving leaders from the Southwest Muslim community. He added that sacrifice is necessary in order to achieve restoration for Nigeria.

Tinubu continued his speech at the State House in Abuja, where he was addressing a delegation led by Rasaki Oladejo, the President of the Ummah. He mentioned that the removal of the fuel subsidy was done to protect Nigeria from economic collapse.

As he stated,

“There is only one nation in which we can put our faith, and that nation is Nigeria. We will make every effort, and the improvement of our nation's economy will be to the advantage of the Nigerian people.

“Of that you can be absolutely certain, and we are working hard to make that a reality,” he said. It pertains to our foreseeable future. It is imperative that we secure our future. The All-Powerful Allah will not place a weight on us that we are unable to carry.

“He has a reason for bringing us all the way here. It may appear to be challenging, or even rough, but things are going to get better. We managed to stay 40 years ahead of it (the removal of the petroleum subsidies).

“We are all going through the pain right now, but in order to prevent Nigeria from collapsing, we had to get rid of the subsidy.”

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