Killaboi Has Been Taken Into Custody In Sierra Leone, As Shown In The Photo

Nnanyereugo Best, a businessman who was wanted by @BenHundeyin for the murder of his girlfriend Augusta Osedion, a student at Lead City University, has been detained in Sierra Leone. Best was wanted for killing Osedion, who was also a student at Lead City University. After completing the crime, he bought a passport for Sierra Leone for more over $25,000 and then fled the country.

He used to go as Samuel Kanu Princeton, but he just changed his name. The girl’s relatives had used social media to share his photograph with the world. He was recognized by a local resident of Sierra Leone. Mr. Femi Falana was contacted and the Lagos police department was alerted; they subsequently declared him wanted. Yesterday, he was taken into custody at a night club in Free Town.

For the sake of clarity, the sum of $25,000 did not merely go toward purchasing the Sierra Leonean passport; rather, he used that money to start a new life for himself and to assume a new identity.

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