Maduka University Management’s Official Statement on Nursing Student Admissions

Statement from Maduka 's Administration on Nursing Student

Some news portals have published inaccurate and deceptive information about Maduka University Enugu, including claims about admissions and tuition payments, which has caught the notice of the school's administration.

The defamatory and unfounded article, which was published on and later syndicated on other blogs under the title: *Maduka University Enugu Scams Over 400+ ₦800,000 Each Without Offering Them Admission,* claimed that more than 400 students were not admitted to the university despite having paid the application fees.

Everyone should dismiss the story because it is full of falsehoods and misleading information.

The administration of Maduka University would want to clarify the situation and vehemently deny these unfounded accusations.

Prior to being officially admitted into their chosen programs, students are not obligated to pay tuition fees at Maduka University Enugu.

It is against our rules to charge potential students anything before granting them admission.

Academic programs at Maduka University, including those in the Nursing and other departments, are continuing as scheduled, and the university does not engage in the practices depicted in the widely circulated narrative.

The claims that we collected payments from more than 400 nursing students without admitting any of them are totally unfounded and unfounded.

We dare anybody claiming to have paid to prove it without also proving they were admitted to our college.

In order to disprove these baseless allegations, we, as an accountable and responsible organization, welcome examination and verification of our records.

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The commitment of Maduka University to offering a first-rate education while maintaining the utmost moral and ethical standards has never wavered.

Critical thinking, creativity, and a dedication to greatness are our guiding principles, which place an emphasis on learning that is student-centered.

Anything that suggests otherwise is unfounded and deceiving, because our primary concern is the happiness and achievement of our students.

The admissions office at Maduka University Enugu has reiterated its intention to accept students for the 2018–19 school year.

February 23, 2024, is the day of our matriculation ceremony for all of our pioneer students in the academic year 2023–2024.

Those taking the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) this year are cordially invited to give Maduka University serious consideration.

In response to the harmful report, our legal team is investigating the publishing and will take appropriate action against those involved.

Our steadfast commitment to offering high-quality education and creating a supportive atmosphere for learning and personal growth remains unchanged, and we strongly encourage the public to ignore the misleading narrative that is circulating.
Parents, prospective students, and members of the general public are strongly advised not to transact with unapproved parties.

We kindly request that any official transactions be handled exclusively via the designated channels of contact.

One must exercise caution while interacting with anyone outside of the school administration.

Inquiries about enrollment can be directed to:

You can reach Maduka University at

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at:

Contact us by email at

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For alternative contact numbers, try 08055091802 or 09157893107.

Location: Ekwegbe, Enugu State, Nigeria, along the Nsukka–Enugu New Road.

From: The Administration of Maduka University Enugu

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