My Parents’ Murderers Shouldn’t Bother Seeking Our Forgiveness—MKO’s Son Blows Hot on the Subject

Jamiu Abiola, son of the late Abiola, stated that those responsible for his parents' deaths should not bother seeking the family's forgiveness because they have not admitted any fault. Jamiu Abiola was quoted as saying, “Those responsible for my parents' death should not bother seeking the family's forgiveness.”

Kudirat was murdered in Lagos on June 4, 1996 while her husband was still in custody, while the late MKO, who was the winner of the presidential election that was annulled on June 12, 1993, passed away on July 7, 1998. The election was held on June 12, 1993.

During an interview with Punch, Jamiu made the following statement:

“It was not necessary for my family to forgive Nigeria because it was not the country of Nigeria but rather some individuals who were responsible for the deaths of my parents. Because those people have not admitted any wrongdoing, they are free to go ahead and seek forgiveness from God, but they shouldn't bother asking for forgiveness from our family because God will forgive them anyhow. My family will receive justice from God, and the spirits of my deceased parents will finally be at peace.

Jamiu, who is the Special Assistant to President Bola on Special Duties, Office of the Vice President, was asked how the family had been doing since the events that transpired, and he responded by saying, “It has been difficult.”

“We are performing at the highest level that is currently possible. The level of devastation that could have been caused by that kind of disaster was far higher. Things have the potential to get better for us as a family, but I have no doubt that they would have taken a significant turn for the worse in the event that our matriarch, Mrs. Adebisi Abiola, or Mrs. Doyin Abiola had not been here.

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“Another strong pillar of support in our family is the first child of my father, Hon. Lola Abiola, as well as the current President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and Chief Olusegun Osoba, who is my father's very close and reliable ally,”

When questioned if the family receives any benefits from the Federal Government since former President Muhammadu Buhari confirmed in 2018 that Abiola did, in fact, win the election that was later declared null and void, Buhari responded by saying that he “cannot comment” on that matter.

As Jamiu pointed out,

“It took more than one day to build Rome. It was over 18 years before we were successful in convincing the Federal Government to acknowledge the significance of June 12 as a date. I have high hopes that my father and his running mate, Amb Babagana Kingibe, will soon be granted the privileges that are traditionally reserved for presidents, and that my father will also be granted the privileges that are traditionally reserved for vice presidents. It was a win that we shared together.”


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