Name Governors who are stealing money from the local government, Wike warns Buhari

Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, has pressed President Buhari to identify the state governors who misappropriated funding for local governments.

At a gathering on Thursday, the President made the accusation that certain state governors misuse funds allocated from the federation account to local government councils.

In addition, he charged that the Governors had the council leaders agree to have accepted the entire budget by signing commitments for money they had not yet received.

However, Governor Wike asserted on Friday at the commissioning of a project in Port Harcourt that since taking office in 2015, he has never touched funds designated for the local government.

The governor further asserted that none of the PDP's G5 governors had ever altered local government funding.

He then issued a challenge to the President, asking him to name the governors who tamper with funding for local governments.

I challenge you, Mr. President; you must tell Nigerians who is perpetrating this offense, Wike stated.

“You claimed that governors were stealing money from local governments. I wish to declare that I have never touched local government monies in the name of the All-Powerful God. I've never done it, and I have no reason to.

“So Mr. President, tell us who those individuals are. Tell us if you've met them.

I don't belong among those governors. The Integrity Governors, according to Mr. President, are not a member of them.

“Do us a favor and let us know which states are taking money from local governments.”

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