NANS Calls Off Planned Protests During ASUU Strike, Asking FG To “Fulfill Their Part”

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On Wednesday, the National Association of Nigerian Students decided to put a halt to its planned statewide demonstrations.

This came after the National Industrial Court of Nigeria had earlier in the day ordered the Academic Staff Union of Universities to resume academic activities.

In a circular issued by its -Elect, Usman Barambu, had previously ordered all of its zones, from Zone A to Zone F, to carry out protests consecutively from September through October 11.

In contrast, Barambu instructed the structures to cease all protests in a different statement issued on Wednesday. He also pleaded with to resume work in accordance with the court's judgment, calling it “a progressive path ahead.”

“I offer to you solidarity greetings from the NANS leadership,” the statement stated. I also want to thank all Nigerian students for their outstanding behavior throughout the standoff between ASUU and the Federal Government. Let me also express my admiration for the students' tenacity, perseverance, and dedication throughout the seven-month strike.

I want you all to see your efforts as part of a fight for the liberation of our educational system. It's a win-win circumstance; finally, victory. May I also use this occasion to ask the Federal Government to carry out its own commitment under the terms of the negotiation, as we anticipate a successful conclusion in accordance with the National Industrial Court's directive for ASUU (our lecturers) to return to the classrooms? I now halt all nationwide NANS protests.

Additionally, may I take this unique opportunity to persuade our esteemed professors that the court ruling is a progressive step toward reaching an agreement during negotiations because it benefits everyone. Since the court's decision will have an impact on the future of our beloved nation, we fervently hope and believe that ASUU will prevail.

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Finally, I'd want to make a plea to all parents and legal guardians to support their children as they get ready to return to school.

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