NBC criticizes Nigeria’s proliferation of broadcast media

The proliferation of broadcast media, with Kano already home to 30 radio stations and more on the way, has raised serious concerns for the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation, or NBC.

The head of broadcast media organizations, civil societies, and journalists, Mallam Adamu Salisu, stated that there are currently 439 radio stations and 339 television stations operating in Nigeria during a meeting between the Kano Peace Committee and the NBC.

Out of these figures, 30 radio houses, according to Salisu, are in Kano, which keeps the regulator on their toes in order to stop hate speech, which has grown to be a serious source of concern.

According to the NBC State Officer, broadcast media and media platforms are crucial to the success or failure of the general election in , making it essential for them to play their part in the national interest.

The Head of Secretariat Kano Peace Committee, Ibrahim A Waiya, said before, during and after the 2023 general elections, peace is very important in ensuring voting one's conscience without prejudice to rigging or elections malpractices.

Waiya explained that they have committed Political stakeholders to sign a peace pact so that any violator would be held responsible for his actions or inactions.

The Independent Electoral Commission INEC said Media Organizations must have in their fold a journalist with requisite knowledge of the Law and the Constitution especially the ones guiding the conduct of the election.

The State PRO of INEC, Adam Ahmad Maulud added that the media and journalists must rise above ethnic and religious profiling.

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