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Nigeria on the brink of famine – Daddy Freeze

Divided opinion Daddy Freeze, whose real name is Ifedayo Olarinde, is a well-known Nigerian media figure who has warned that starvation is on the horizon.

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He predicted that the depreciation of the Naira would be permanent so long as Nigeria failed to earn foreign currency via the export of sufficient commodities.

He urged city dwellers in Nigeria to return to their rural homes and try their hands at farming in order to stave off the impending famine.

“We will continue to see the decline in our currency because we are not selling anything and getting hard currencies in return,” Daddy Freeze said in a video message that he just uploaded on his social media page. It will need action from both the government and the general public to resolve this.

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It is about time, folks, that those of you working in Lagos and making N50,000 a month returned to your hometown, bought a plot of land, and started a farm. The threat of starvation in this nation is quite real. Nobody can possibly eat all of the food.

What I’ve gathered from what I can see is that the Igbo people are constructing mansions as a form of village competition…I’m not arguing that it’s wrong, but perhaps more factories would be more productive.

The government should back your efforts to construct additional factories. In order for your companies to thrive, the government must do all that is necessary.

And when I say business, I mean companies whose goal is to increase their exports. You ought to export whatever it is that you’re making. Milk is imported from Denmark and France. Oil alone will not be enough. Local manufacturers should receive government backing.

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