Nigerians with NINs and NIMCs Number 92 Million Currently

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Nigerians possessing National Identification Numbers (NINs) grew to 92.63 million in November, according to the National Identity Management Commission ().

According to data provided by the Commission, 19.93 million Nigerians received NINs in 2022, and 52.11 million men and 40.52 million women currently reside in the nation with NINs.

Lagos (10.33 million NIN holders), Kano (8.09 million), Kaduna (5.47 million), Ogun (3.87 million), and Oyo are the top five states with the most NIN holders (3.68 million).

Bayelsa (583,323), Ebonyi (744,869), (971,712), Cross-River (1.06 million), and Taraba are the worst five states (1.35 million).

In order to easily confirm and verify an individual's identity when they travel and conduct transactions, the commission claims that the NIN was used to bring together all records about an individual – demographic information, fingerprints, a head-to-shoulder facial image, other biometric data, and digital signature – in the National Identity Database.
To reach its objective of registering 100 million people in three years, NIMC also plans to register 2.5 million people per month.

“Identity management has continued to be a challenging issue for several administrations,” it read. Despite numerous organizations gathering identity data for their operations in Nigeria, there remains a lack of data.

“The Nigerian Communications Commission has most recently connected SIM Registration Data to the National Identity Number Database. In three years, the NIMC intends to register an extra 100 million people and has launched a large registration push. Over the following three years, 2.5 million people each month are expected to enroll.

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