No nation can advance past the limits of its educational system, according to Buhari

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In an effort to improve educational institutions around the world, President Muhammadu has called for partnerships that will work together to develop a framework of concepts.

On Monday, Buhari said while making a statement on behalf of at the Transforming Education Summit (leaders' roundtable), which was held in conjunction with the 77th session of the UN general assembly.

“We must avoid erecting borders as we modernize education. We must destroy them wherever they are because we can all learn a lot from one another, he continued.

“As we all know, ensuring the full growth of our society requires improving equitable and inclusive access to outstanding educational opportunities.

No nation can progress further than what its educational system is capable of.

Buhari claimed that without changing the teaching profession, it would be difficult to have a serious discussion about reforming the country's educational systems.

Thus, he urged further discussion of initiatives to increase innovations and research in teacher education and teacher professional development.

To solve the issues of teacher shortages, he added, “the process of developing a sustainable teacher supply chain is crucial and calls for global effort.”

“Nigeria also wants to emphasize the importance of all member states and stakeholders addressing the structural and systemic problems that obstruct access to high-quality education.

Only when we accomplish this, he continued, will we be able to build a world that is really inclusive and leaves no one behind.

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