OAP Do2dtun Issues a Death Threat to D’banj, Saying, “I’ll Be Your Nightmare”

A well-known host on radio and television, Oladotun Kayode, better known by his stage name , has turned to social media in order to criticize the artist D'banj for his alleged involvement in the custody fight that he is having with his divorced wife, Omotayo. This issue involves their child.

You may remember that Omotayo, who is D'banj's sister, tied the knot with Do2dtun in 2013, and that the union resulted in the birth of two children.

Omotayo allegedly suffered abuse in the form of domestic violence, emotional abuse, and forced abortion in 2022, when she filed for divorce. The judge decided to split custody between the couple.

Do2dtun has accused Dbanj of making life intolerable for him while he was still married to his sister. This allegation comes as part of Do2dtun's ongoing battle to regain custody of his two kids, who are presently being raised by his ex-wife. Do2dtun's ex-wife is currently the legal guardian of his girls.

According to a post that was published on the OAP's Instagram page on Saturday and is currently trending, the OAP stated that D'banj had messed with the wrong person and threatened to fight back in order to have access to his children.

His comment:

“You are aware of the extent to which I was there for you, @iambangalee, when you suffered the loss of your kid. You understand the anguish that comes with the loss of a child, but in my family, you have become the source of strife and evil.

“When I told you I couldn't work with you, that was the beginning of my problem. Therefore, the only way to harm me was through my family, specifically my wife and my children. You were well aware that I loved them. I have no interest in making money the same way that you do. I realize that my refusal to conform must have driven you to extreme annoyance.

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“These are not your children; they are mine,” I said. People are confused about why I include you in so many things, but you should never be the cause of someone else's misery in any way. You can't make me happy, but you and your family have already taken away my primary source of satisfaction. Someone who is willing to give up and die is the most dangerous opponent you can face.

“Your mother, Dapo, and Taiwo have all contributed to making my life a living nightmare. I leap on stage, work extremely hard to create a living, and build a legacy for myself and my family because, as you put it, “I was a golddigger,” but as you can see, I made my own little gold without you. This is why I do what I do. Even though no one knew we were linked to one other, you made it impossible for me to take a breath. You have now removed the thing that brought me joy. Listen up, I'm about to become your worst nightmare. You should not have bothered with that person. Children are not objects to be used. They have no monetary value.”


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