PDP Has Nothing To Do In South-West To Campaign Against Tinubu, Says Bode George

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Olabode George, a former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, , remarked that the party had nothing to do in the So Suth-West to oppose Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC's presidential candidate.

This claim was made by the PDP leader on Friday during an interview with The Morning Show on Arise TV.

He did not specifically mention Tinubu by name, but he did make a reference to the challenges PDP will face in opposing the APC's presidential nominee if the South-West is not given a national position in the party's structure.

But how can I persuade the folks on a campaign stop in the South West that we are prepared and that they should support our candidate? We must be aware that the opposition party has a presidential candidate from the South-West, and Tinubu would inform the electorate that he is on the presidential ticket while questioning the PDP's South-West slate.

How would our PDP brothers from the north react if the south wins the presidential, vice presidential, and chairmanship positions? Will they rejoice? All I'm saying is that if they claim they don't want justice and fairness, history will be on their side.

“And what am I doing in politics if at this age I can't tell the truth? It is not necessary to eject Ayu. Do not forget what Ayu himself said, and I quote: “If the presidential candidate arises from the north, he will retire as the party chairman to facilitate the balancing.” We are merely stating the obvious when we say, “Let's be careful and try not to overdrive this,” he said.

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George expressed anxiety after supporting Iyorchia Ayu's resignation as the party's national chairman.

He claimed that Ayu's departure was necessary to maintain party balance. He said that Ayu's resignation will assist PDP in persuading Nigerians that it is the best party to support in the upcoming election.

According to him, the calls for Ayu's resignation are in accordance with the constitution because the PDP chairman himself pledged to step down if a northerner won the party's nomination for president.

George, however, emphasized that zoning is now more significant than it was in 1998/1999.

The senior politician asserted that he understood what was best for the party because he had long been a part of its structure.

In fact, zoning is more necessary now than it was in 1998–1999, he declared. Perhaps some of these folks don't get the idea that motivated the founding fathers' ideas. It is open for discussion because it is an unwritten law, therefore I hope we have the chance to put it in writing so that everyone can read it.

In my part of the world, we have a saying that goes, “When you have old people in any association, they (old people) always make sure they correct the mistakes of the young ones. And I am trying to refer us to that concept (zoning) that was established and brought about. Those who say they don't believe in it and don't want it are saying that because they don't understand what brought about it. But I am talking because I was part of the system from the very beginning.

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“Now that we are attempting to manipulate the idea that originated with us to suit particular aims and personal goals, I am arguing that it will push us to the canvass.

“We are not requesting that Ayu be made to fall asleep or be made to resign. He is being asked to give up and allow us balance the top positions out of a spirit of unity and inclusivity. In my region, we'll be running for office, and we want to see our party triumph. I won't bother if it won't have an impact on the celebration, he added.

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