PDP May Lose the 2023 Presidential Election, According to Bode George

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, a well-known leader in the Peoples Democratic Party (), has warned that the party's ongoing instability could lead to its defeat in the 2023 presidential election.

During a week in Lagos, George revealed this when meeting with journalists.

He declared that he agrees with the demand that Iyorchia Ayu step down as the party's national chairman.

“Ethnicity or religion shouldn't be used as a means of dividing us. Unfortunately, given what we are seeing right now, if we continue to ignore or fail to address the sense of “alienation” and complaints being felt by the entire Southern population of this great country, our party may lose the next presidential election.

“We cannot rely on their support if this problem is ignored.

“PDP becomes vulnerable to disaster in the 2023 elections until this party returns to the founding fathers' principles of unity, with equity, fairness, and justice being the pedestal for any political decision taken in this party, and ensuring broad-mindedness to accommodate the concerns of all zones in this country,”

He spoke.

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