Peter Obi responds to the murder of the female leader of the Labour Party in Kaduna

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, the Labour Party's presidential nominee, has expressed horror over the alleged assassination of Victoria Chintex, the party's female leader, in Kaura, Kaduna State.

Remember how we reported that Chintex was shot dead on November 28, 2022, by gunmen who purportedly entered her home and killed her while wounding her husband in the leg?

In response to her murder, Obi expressed his condolences to the victim's family in a series of tweets on Tuesday. Obi also remarked that the Labour Party has suffered a great loss by losing the women leader.

If elected, he pledged to prioritize the fight against insecurity and stated Nigerians must not tolerate “waste of human lives under whatever cover.”

“I am horrified by the senseless murder of Mrs. Victoria Chintex, the female head of the Labour Party, in Kaura, Kaduna State, by as-yet-unidentified gunmen. Her passing leaves her immediate and extended family, as well as our Labour Party, in a terrible loss. She endures in our memories.

“I must prioritize the struggle against insecurity as my first job in government because of her murder and the numerous innocent lives lost to gunmen and terrorists around the country. Under no circumstances should we permit the squandering of human lives in Nigeria.

“May Mrs. Victoria Chintex's soul rest in perfect peace. My deepest sympathies to her family,” the contender for president tweeted.

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