Peter Obi says that the fuel subsidy is organized crime

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, the Labour Party's candidate for president, says that the government is behind oil theft in the country.

Obi said that only the government can steal oil when he spoke at the Private Sector Economic Forum of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

“Subsidy is organized crime,” he told the people at the event in Lagos on Monday. “We need to increase the amount of local refining in a big way.”

The former governor of Anambra State told the Federal Government, “Make resources available so that oil refining is done by the private sector.”

The candidate for president made the comments while answering questions from the panelists at the event. He also answered a question about the cost of government.

“I'm allergic to garbage,” Obi said, taking another clear shot at the government.

He insisted that the country's security system needed to be changed, and he suggested that there should be more than one level of police work, from the federal level to the level of the community.

Before the 2023 elections, the forum wanted each candidate to talk about oil theft, debt burden, subsidy system, foreign exchange, and other important economic issues.

The LCCI, which has put on the event for the past 16 years, said it was interested in what each of the candidates for president after President Muhammadu 's term is over had planned for the economy.

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