Politicians Must Sign Peace Pact Before 2023 Elections, Says Abdulsalami

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Abubakar, a former head of state and chairman of the national peace committee, has said that candidates for the general elections in 2023 must sign a peace agreement.

Following a meeting with the committee members on Thursday in Minna, Niger State, Abdulsalami said this. He claimed that politicians and their supporters foment violence during election campaigns, endangering the peace of the nation.

“The structure of public communication among political actors, their PR agents, spokespersons, and media consultants has amplified the possibility for personal attacks, insults, and instigation,” the speaker claimed.

The decorum and decency in public conversation and discussion, the author said, have been pushed to the side by attacks by politicians and their supporters on their rivals. Campaigns that were centered on issues have lost ground as identity politics and thuggery politics have gained ground.

The chairman of the peace committee continued, “The committee has organized the signing of a peace accord to support a peaceful electioneering process.”

In light of this, it is important to encourage a climate of constructive political discourse and issue-based campaigning. Therefore, in preparation for the general elections of 2023, the National Peace Committee organized the signing of two peace agreements.

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