Prison guards who “cannot shoot to kill” must be redeployed, according to Aregbesola

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Rauf , the interior minister, gave the Nigerian Correctional Service instructions on Monday to redeploy female prison guards who cannot use lethal force.

He issued the order at the Service headquarters at the launching of the new service uniforms and logo, as well as the commissioning of new staff quarters, ICT infrastructure, and operational vehicles.

25 employees who bravely repelled a bandit raid on a detention facility in Niger State were honored by the minister at the ceremony, according to a Dailytrust story.

While praising the 25 employees for their show of bravery, Aregbesola expressed disappointment that other employees in other detention facilities backed down when confronted with criminal attacks.

He claims that detention facilities are now “red zones” and that whenever an intruder tries to attack, staff members should shoot them dead.

Rifles are intended to murder criminals; they are not toys. Any officer who is unable to shoot someone in the head or to kill them should either receive training or be replaced.

“Injuries to criminals should not occur. If you don't want to fire them, redeploy those who can't shoot to kill to female jails.

“Those who will be housed in maximum and medium security facilities must be hardy.

We need to stop because there have been too many humiliating attacks, he remarked.

He said that many of the criminals wreaking mayhem in the South East were escapees from Imo State's detention facilities.

He declared that anyone who attempted to attack a custodial facility in the future would pay the ultimate price.

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