Prof. Uju Anya’s anti-Queen Elizabeth tweet prompted her to state, “I Don’t Feel Safe Anymore

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Uju Anya, a professor from the United States with Nigerian ancestry, claims that since she tweeted about the late II on Thursday, her life has been in danger.

GOSPEL CABLE had an exclusive interview with Anya on Sunday afternoon. Anya is a professor of second language acquisition at Carnegie Mellon University in the US.

Later, Twitter took down the post for violating their “rules,” but Anya told The GOSPEL CABLE that her account had also been “logged off” for the same reason.

According to her, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos incited the public against her and put her in danger.

“This is someone purportedly striving to make the world better? Bezos, who is rumored to be a major donor to the school Anya teaches at, had mentioned her post,” Not in my opinion. Wow.”

Bezos had received a response from Anya in the form of, “May everyone you and your ruthless greed have injured in this world remember you as fondly as I remember my colonizers.”

Anya said in a chat with our correspondent on Sunday that she had received impersonation attempts and that fraudulent claims linking her to the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra had been made.

“I feel as though my life is in danger,” she cried. These lies that are being spread about me make me no longer feel safe. Four years ago, I unfollowed Facebook. Facebook is not something I use. People are spreading false information by creating a phony Facebook account that contains my identity, claiming that I am a supporter and member of IPOB, Independent Biafra, or any other political candidate. It is false. Nothing comparable exists.

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“Some blogs online have started spreading untrue rumors about me. Since Thursday, I haven't made any public statements. GOSPEL CABLE is the first and (will be) the only Nigerian publication with which I have had contact.

“The world needs to be made aware immediately that these individuals are attempting to put me in danger. Nothing posted under my name on Facebook is accurate. I'm not a part of IPOB.

They dangerously endanger my safety while utilizing me to advance political causes and statements that I disagree with.

“This is going to cause me a lot of problems. What if I'm wanted for arrest by the Nigerian government because they believe I'm a terrorist? My life is at risk because of them.

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