Residents of Osun are urged to get vaccinated against COVID-19

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The administration has urged residents who have not yet received the vaccine to show up at any government facilities to receive the shot.

Osun State is ranked fourth among the states in the federation for COVID-19 immunization performance, according to state Commissioner for Health Rafiu Isamotu, who was interacting with reporters at the time.

Between May and September 2022, more than 1.3 million people have already received vaccinations in the state.

But according to Isamotu, “Osun was in fifth place in COVID-19 vaccination among the states in , we corrected and got to ninth, but with SYDANI help, We are now fourth position in Nigeria when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine.”

The state commissioner declared that Osun is prepared to collaborate with groups that could want to help in the area of immunizing its citizens as the cooperation with the group came to an end.

“I want to make an appeal to some potential allies who could be willing to help us with the COVID-19 vaccination program in our state. I can reassure the state's citizens that we are making progress when it comes to the covid-19 immunization even though we are at a good place and still want to do better. People should be willing to receive immunizations.

According to Sunday Atobatele, a SYDANI official, the group vaccinated more than 78% of individuals who received the first dosage and 30% of those who received the second dose in four months.

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