Retirees in Niger State Protest the 8 Years of Gratuity Payment Delay

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On Wednesday, retirees in Niger State occupied Government House in Minna to demonstrate against the eight-year nonpayment of their .

Idris Ndalati, one of the retirees who left the government mansion as a chief driver, admitted to journalists that he hadn't received his gratuity in seven years.

He claims that many seniors in Niger have passed away, while others have suffered from high blood pressure and strikes as a result of issues related to the non-payment of their benefits.

Mr. Ndalati continued by saying, “Our children have stopped attending school because we were unable to pay their tuition, and many of us are unable to take care of feeding our families.”

The Nigeria Union of Pensioners chapter in Niger was also accused by the demonstrators of failing to uphold the interests of its members.

The state's deputy governor, Ahmed Ketso, addressed the demonstrators and promised that the state would investigate the retirees' complaint.

In order to clarify some of the ambiguous areas, he scheduled a meeting with the retirees for Thursday.


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