Ronaldo discloses to a South Korean celebrity that he told him, “Shut up, you have no authority

During their final World Cup group game on Friday, Portugal captain reportedly urged South Korean forward Cho Gue Sung to stop talking.

During the game, there was a brief altercation between the two players as the Korean attempted to hurl the Portuguese superstar off the field.

was replaced in the 65th minute with the score still tied at 1-1, but the Asians rallied back to win 2-1, advancing both sides to the round of 16 in the World Cup.

Cho was eager to get the star forward off the field as quickly as possible since the Asian team needed a second goal to guarantee them a second-place finish in the group.

A little dispute occurred between them as they were doing this, as Ronaldo explained: “Before my substitution, one of their players was begging me to leave immediately.

“I urged him to stop talking; he has no power and is under no obligation to say anything.

“If the referee instructed me to pick up the pace, I would. He is not need to. There is no debate because it took place in the midst of the action.

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