Ruger says that dating multiple women at the same time is a lot of fun

Michael Adebayo Olayinka, better known by his stage name , has stated that he enjoys dating numerous ladies at the same time because he does not enjoy “being alone or single.”

According to him, it's “fun” to date numerous women at the same time.

The most recent episode of the Afrobeats Podcast, which is hosted by Adesope Olajide, features him making this comment.

As stated by Ruger,

“Dating more than three or four women at the same time can be enjoyable in a certain sense.” There is a manner that I arranged these items (insert laughter here).

“I can't lie and say that I enjoy spending time alone myself. Being by yourself or being a singleton is not something I enjoy. Being in the company of another person is something I enjoy doing, regardless of whether or not the two of us are romantically involved.

“So, if we call it quits right now, there's already someone else lined up to take our place. I can't stand to be by myself. Being by myself is not something I enjoy. I adore having someone with whom I can simply hang out and feel the vibe.

The singer who sang ‘Bounce' went on to say that “ladies are attracted to what's not good for them.”

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