Security Can Only Be Solved by State Police, Say Southern Governors

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State , according to the Forum (SGF), are the only way to address the nation's security issues.

Rotimi Akeredolu, the governor of and the forum's chairman, said in a statement on Monday that the forum would continue to call for the transfer of authority to the states. The governor asserted that the transfer of authority is the surest route to advancement.

In a statement, the Southern Governors' Forum said that it “has continued to emphasize the fact of the incongruity inherent in an arrangement which purports to be federal, nominally, but whose observances stand at variance with the best practices espoused by climes considered advanced and progressing, amenable to nuances and adaptations which reflect and accommodate the yearnings for inclusion of the component units.”

We will continue to urge that establishing state police is the only rational and practical response to the nation's widespread problem of insecurity.

Additionally, we won't forget to reiterate our plea for the adoption of policies that will actually devolve power to the federating units.

The fastest way to progress and peace is down this road.

Governors and other important stakeholders have been in the forefront of the call for state policing in recent years. Lagos's governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, stated in 2021 that state police might be funded using the money utilized for security.

A multiethnic country like Nigeria, according to vice president Yemi Osinbajo, needs a state police force to deal with its security issues.

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