“She Seduced Me,” Reveals a Father of 20 Who Admittedly Sexually Assaulted a Girl 12 Years Old

Muhammed Umar, who is 40 years old and the of 20 children and is currently being questioned for the alleged rape of a girl who is 12 years old, has placed the blame for the assault on the victim.

The defendant, who admitted to having intercourse with the child, argued that she tricked him into the act and that she did not cry either during or after the deed. He also insisted that she did not cry because she was embarrassed.

Umar, a native of Gusupan, which is located in the Toungo Local Government Area of Adamawa State, disclosed the following information to the police:

“She came into my shop to talk to me and stated that she needed to buy some sugar. She asked for N2,000 in order to reimburse her stepmother. I gave her N1,000, and after that, she gave in to my demands and consented to let me have her body.

“No one coerced her in any way, but she came to the place where we were meeting on her own. I eventually caught up with her at the location, and we had sexual encounters there.”

SP Suleiman Nguroje, the Public Relations Officer for the Adamawa State Police Command, presented the facts to newsmen in Yola. He stated that the suspect emphasized that the youngster “did not complain, not to talk of crying.”

He even went so far as to say that the child had been tempting him, and that this time, “I couldn't resist the temptation.”

The suspect, who had previously been married four times and divorced twice, stated that he was ready to make the little girl his fifth wife if her father gave his permission.

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The victim fiercely accused the suspect of raping her, explaining that her father had sent her on an errand on that fateful day to buy sugar, and that while she was at the shop, the suspect had instructed her to get a kettle for him from the house. The victim stated that when she was at the shop, the suspect had sent her to bring a kettle for him from the house.

“I went, and I didn't see the kettle, but while I was returning, he stopped me and dragged me into a nearby room, and raped me,” she said. “I went, and I didn't see the kettle.”

She went on to say that he threatened to kill her if she told anybody about the occurrence and that he grabbed her by the neck while he engaged in the deed.

“He told me that last year he had an issue with my father and that they were yet to come to terms,” she claimed.

According to Nguroje, the suspect was taken into custody on Wednesday, October 11, by operatives of the Adamawa State Police Command. This occurred after the girl's father filed a complaint with the police.

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